About us

            Pada Murre brand is on the profile market since 2003 and boasts a portfolio of clients who are a guarantee of the quality of services offered.

        Since its foundation we have invested much energy and resources in the formation of a team of professionals, backed by a remarkable infrastructure and technical resources, in order to provide our clients with outstanding services.

         Our  brands are Pada Murre, Pablone, Consigliere,  Blei Frei, Il Padrino.

         The quality of our products, attention for details, professionalism, and the management of the performance of our employees has made our company to dominate the Romanian market and at the same time to be present on foreign markets as well.

            Our mission is to transform into reality the dreams of our customers related to his own person, creating and developing a personal style, unique, exquisite and unique. We offer high-quality products, services and advanced counseling services to give people confidence, safety and elegance.



Professionalism:we aspire to performance through team work and meeting the needs of our clients. We pay attention to every detail and respect the proper procedures in each piece of clothing we create.

Quality:is the basis of our company. This motivates us to provide complex and fast services through technological means we develop our own.

Initiative:though every customer is unique, we always find the best solutions for them. Therefore, we stimulate initiative, creativity and the search of solutions to fit the requirements of our customers.


        « A satisfied customer is a very good form of promotion ». This is probably the explanation for the fact that the majority of our new clients contact us due to the recommendation of our old clients and collaborators. It's a thing we are proud of, but at the same time makes us be careful. We pay attention to every element of every piece of clothing and we don't allow ourselves to treat any aspect with superficiality – nor fabric, nor packaging, nor promotion.